Learn Our History and the Story Behind Our Name

About Us

5x Systems LLC was established in October 2017 and is a registered company in Florida. We are a small business founded by former US military officers and leading defense industry engineers.  Our major objectives are to manufacture reliable command and control systems that are easy to use at an affordable price. We use cutting edge commercial technology and adhere to open standards making it easy to integrate our solutions with existing systems.  The 5x engineering team is continually working at evolving our products to meet the demand of our customers in the field. Because we are a small company, 5x can be agile in crafting command and control solutions tailored to specific customer demands. 5x is committed to diversity in the workplace and provides opportunities for deserving engineering student interns. 5x works to provide unparalleled customer care and are guided by the highest standards of integrity.


5x Means Something to Communicators

“Five by five” was military slang used by radio operators during WWII. When an operator asks for a radio check with other stations in the network, a common response is, “Roger, I have you five by.” Meaning the distant station hears the operator requesting the radio check loud and clear.

It is a shortened version of the formal method to describe received signal strength and clarity on a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the best. 5x5 means a strong signal and excellent clarity on that scale.

At 5x Systems LLC we hear our customers and act to deliver the capability and reliability they demand.