V-TACS C2 System

V-TACS Iridium Certified

Vector-Tracking and Communications System

V-TACS Roll On / Roll Off Configuration for Vehicles, Vessels, or Aircraft
V-TACS Roll On / Roll Off Configuration for Vehicles, Vessels, or Aircraft

V-TACS was designed by operators for operators. Simply put, V-TACS is the world's easiest command and control system to operate. One on/off knob is all it takes to operate V-TACS. Upon start-up, the satellite data link starts transmitting its location to all users on the network. An icon on the map screen appears for each user and refreshes at a user defined interval. V-TACS Push to Talk (PTT) voice communications work just like common tactical radios, even using standard military handsets. An external amplified speaker allows users to monitor voice traffic from a distance. Operators send text messages and event reports with an intuitive on screen operations management application. Radio connectivity status and signal strength are on constant display so users always know the communications status.

V-TACS consists of three principle components: Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL), laser range finder, and rugged computing platform running the Locorum Operations Management Application. V-TACS is ruggedly constructed and environmentally sealed, making it suitable for use on small boats and tactical vehicles. It is also well suited to command center applications, where is can be interfaced to other tracking or surveillance systems to distribute targets and position reports to remote users. V-TACS does not require a central server or complex system architecture, making it easy to deploy.

  • Lightweight, Reliable, Simple, Affordable Command and Control on the move.
  • Configurable equipment suites.
  • Satellite data link connectivity for voice, text, and, reporting.
  • Integrated land, sea, and air operational picture.
  • Secured with 256 bit commercial link encryption.
  • Fully exportable to partner nations.
  • Multiple talk groups for shared or sovereign communications network.
  • Integrated laser range finder or night time thermal optics
  • Easily integrates with existing C2 software.
  • Unlimited number of users with worldwide coverage.

System Components and Specifications

Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL)
Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL)

Dimensions: 170x120x56mm
Weight: 0.64kg
Power Requirements: 9-32 VDC
Power Consumption: < 0.4A @12 VDC
Transmit Power: 7W max
Frequency Range: 1616 to 1626 GHz
Satellite Constellation: Iridium
Environmental Protection: IP-68 (immersion)
Operating Temperature: -30 to +70 deg C

 Audio: U-329, 6-pin circular connector
 Antenna: 2x SMA (GPS/satellite)
 Data: Ethernet (RJ-45)
 USB 2.0 (optional)
 Serial Port (sensor data input)
 Power: MS-3106-12S-3P

Medium Range Laser Rangefinder Binocular - 4km
Medium Range Laser Rangefinder Binocular - 4km
Maritime Iridium and GPS Antenna
Maritime Iridium and GPS Antenna
Compact Iridium and GPS Antenna
Compact Iridium and GPS Antenna
Amplified Speaker
Amplified Speaker
Component Part Number Description
VIDLVIDL-001Vector Iridium Datalink with Power Cable
Amplified SpeakerSP-00110W Speaker with Audio/Power Cable
Compact AntennaAT-003Compact Iridium/GPS Antenna
Maritime AntennaAT-002Maritime Iridium/GPS Antenna
Antenna TripodAT-006Transportable Antenna Tripod
Locorum EdgeSW-003Locorum Edge Node Software
Locorum ServerSW-004Locorum Server Software for C2 Centers
Laser RangfinderLRB-4000Medium Range (4km) Laser Rangefinder Binocular with 5m VIDL Interface Cable