Vector Tracking & Communications System (V-TACS) II

  • Push-to-Talk Voice
  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Text Messaging
  • Application Data Transport
  • User Defined Talk Groups
  • Affordable Service Plans
  • World-Wide Coverage

5x Systems’ V-TACS II is the world’s smallest voice and data capable SATCOM terminal, putting situational awareness in the hands of every person on the network. Whether in a vehicle, vessel, aircraft, or on foot, V-TACS II connects operators with Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice and data support. Despite its small size, V-TACS II delivers big performance. It uses the Iridium Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation to deliver global coverage for voice communications, position tracking, and data applications. It supports USB, Bluetooth, and serial interfaces to allow connection to common C2 applications, including Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK). Most importantly, V-TACS II is built tough to withstand harsh use and it is fully waterproof to one-meter depth.

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Iridium low earth orbit satellite constellation provides worldwide connectivity from pole to pole

V-TACS II Hand Held Radio Technical Specifications


Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 100x70x30mm
Weight: 350g

Environmental Protection:

IP-68 (Full immersion)
Operating Temp: -20 to 70° C


Audio: Binder 4-pin712 Series
Antenna: 2x SMA (GPS/satellite)
Bluetooth Low Energy
32-Pin Side mount connector

USB 2.0
Serial (RS-232)


Receiver Type: 56-Channel L1 C/A
Position accuracy: 2.5m


Description Part Number
Peltor noise canceling headset with Binder connectorWSFF-HS-001
Speaker MicrophoneWSFF-HS-002
Lightweight Ranger HeadsetWSFF-HS-004
USB Data Cable, 2mCBL-WSFF-USB-01
Locorum Operations Management Software ApplicationOEM-SW-004
Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) Plug-in APKSW-ATAK-001
image (2)

V-TACS II with ATAK Tablet Running over USB Connection