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Our company aims to be the compelling choice for command, control, and communications (C3) solutions by delivering affordable, simple-to-use, and customizable products with world-class customer care and an unwavering commitment to integrity.


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5x Systems LLC designs rugged and easy-to-use systems. Our products have a simple design, hardware, and intuitive applications that require little operator training.

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5x Systems LLC commits to offering the best value at the lowest price. Our products easily integrate with existing networks and applications.

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5x Systems LLC combines proven commercial technology with innovative engineering resulting in the highest-quality performance.

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Collectively 5x has more than 40 years operational experience and an equal number of years in defense industry engineering.  We focus on quality over quantity and offer our products at fair prices.

5x Systems News and Updates

Royal Bahamas Defence Force Assistance

Hurricane Dorian Response

The devastation on Abaco Island was unimaginable. With the communication infrastructure destroyed, 5x Systems LLC reached out to offer help and we collaborated with the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF).

Their communications team installed our Vector Tracking and Communications System (V-TACS) at the command center in Nassau while emergency response forces were deployed with Push-to-Talk (PTT) phones. Under the direction of Lieutenant Bastian, we worked with our friends in the RBDF and designed an emergency response plan for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) missions.


Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (JIATF) South Support

JIATF Proof of Concept

5x Systems deployed several roll on / roll off (RO/RO) V-TACS suites with JIATF South during exercises with partner nations. The maritime domain awareness (MDA) capability delivered by V-TACS was validated. One V-TACS suite was installed aboard the command ship and others were placed aboard fast boats. The satellite data link kept all the forces connected with position location and push to talk voice.

Innovated Technology Made Simple With Vector Tracking and Communication System

V-TACS: Simple, Intuitive, Reliable Command and Control

The Vector Tracking and Communications System (V-TACS) is designed to help defense, emergency response, and public safety forces conduct their missions more efficiently. It allows these organizations to maintain a common operational picture (COP) among a widely dispersed force and effectively conduct operations over a large geographical area. V-TACS enables users at remote locations to see their position on a map and the location of other users. Users can designate targets or points of interest and disseminate that information to other users. V-TACS supports voice calls, text messages, and formatted reports.

The VIDL unit is the heart of V-TACS. It ties the display and sensor components together with data interfaces and serves as the gateway to other nodes in the network. Data is exchanged with the display over IP connection using UPD protocol. Sensor data comes into the VIDL through serial (RS- 232) interface. VIDL uses this sensor data and data from the embedded GPS to geolocate distant points and targets. This information is then presented to the operator on the display. The operator can elect to send designated targets and points of interest to other users in the network.